Should I book my vacation in advance ?

It is advisable to book your tour as early as possible. Hotels across Sri Lanka remain full during holiday periods from Oct-March.

Does the rate include taxes ?

Yes, rates are inclusive of all taxes including VAT and Nation Building Tax.

Can “Sri Lanka Bicycle Trips” provide references to make an informed decision ?

Your tour consultant will be happy to give you contacts of travellers who have participated in a tour you’re considering.

What kind of fitness level do I need to enjoy a trip ?

A minimum fitness level is required for our cycling & hiking tours. In the case of shared or group tours it is important to have a good fitness level to ensure pace with the rest of the group. Day tours require basic skills.

Our adventures ensure that you take in the aromas and to see a real world. Join us to experience a real Sri Lanka.

Should I train for my tour ?

You’ll get the most enjoyment out of your active adventure if you are reasonably fit. You will receive a detailed trip prep  after confirmation.

How long will we be active each day ?

It’s up to you to decide how far you want to  bike. Depending on the tours you choose and the pace you set, you’ll typically spend  upto five hours of active travel each day.

Do I have to carry any gear ?

All that you need to carry is your camera, tissues, sun-screen and gloves. The leaders transport your luggage between hotels. They’ll also gladly pick up and transport any purchases you make along the way. Necessary accessories will be provided on tour such as life-jackets for kayaking, leech socks for hiking and helmets for cycling.

Is Sri Lanka safe ?

Routes we take you on are routes we’ve done over and over again. Activities we’ve planned on these trips are activities we love and those you’d love too. Our tours are safe ! Most often using those through villages and back-roads.

What do I do with valuables when I’m on a trip ?

It is best to leave valuables at home. If you must bring valuables on the trip, please understand that they are 100% your responsibility. Keep them with you at all times, or lock them in the hotel safe if you deem it adequately secure. Cash, jewelry and passports are especially important to keep in your possession. Although we transport your valuables during your trip as a convenience, we do not assume responsibility for any damage or loss. This policy applies to personal electronics as well as other items that are fragile and delicate whether purchased on the trip or otherwise.

Can I have my own room ?

Our prices are based on double occupancy (two people per room). We will endeavor to find a roommate for those guests who wish to share a room. Please write to us at for single occupancy rates.

Do you provide bikes for children ?

We provide bikes for children of all ages. With routes that are safe, bikes of apt size and guides as caring and loving, you couldn’t ask for a more personalized tour.

Can I bring my own bike ?

Of course you could get your own bike. Please make sure to bring along necessary tools and spares as we do not guarantee availability of spares for personal bikes.

Is Sri Lanka Bicycle Trips a registered firm ? is a part of a registered company ” Ceylon Active Holidays Pvt Limited ” head quartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We have steadily grown to offer hiking, camping and kayaking adventures. Over the years, the quality of tours as well as the number of clients year on year has steadily improved and we look forward to an exciting future.

For more information, please write to us at